Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Transit Tales #48

Transit Tales #48, originally uploaded by Michael Mitchener.

This diminutive woman boarded the streetcar while a second TTC employee stood beside the driver talking - as they tend to do. She awkwardly shuffled and squeezed her cart by the standing guy and sat down in the first seat in her red accessories after glaring at the TTC employee for partially blocking the aisle.

After a few moments, I noticed her anxiously looking around, checking her pockets and obviously distressed about something. Suddenly she lunged at the standing TTC driver at the same time that I glanced down to see what turned out to be her missing red glove firmly planted under the TTC employee's big dirty boot. He was still talking to the driver and unaware of his indiscretion. She literally dove at him, poking him in the leg, causing him to lift his foot in surprise thereby freeing her bright red glove. He was startled but after realizing this woman wasn't actually trying to kill him, cautiously resumed his conversation with the driver.

The woman returned to her seat glaring with disgust at the guy with the inconsiderate boot, smacked her glove back and forth a few times on the railing to knock the dirt off it, placed the glove back on her hand and sat back with her ensemble once again complete. I took this picture shortly after the return of the glove although I was careful not to get caught in the act lest I face her considerable wrath as well.

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