"Water Works"
Voulez-Vous Cafe, Toronto, Ontario
June 2014
Solo exhibition, 8 photographs

City Hall Exhibit by Michael Mitchener

City Hall Streetcar Exhibit
Mary-Margaret McMahon's Ward 32 Constituency Office 
City Hall, Toronto, Ontario
January/February 2012 
Solo exhibition, 10 photographs

"Love & Rockets: A Photographic Exhibition Romancing the Toronto Streetcar"
Voulez-Vous Cafe, Toronto, Ontario
November 2011
Solo exhibition, 12 photographs, 2 oil paintings

"Urban Voyageur Show"
Voulez-Vous Cafe, Toronto, Ontario
February/March 2011
Group exhibition with William Self & Frank Lemire, 6 photographs

"Let It Snow" Show
Voulez-Vous Cafe, Toronto, Ontario
December 2010
Solo exhibition, 11 photographs

"Memories of Summer"
Ed's Real Scoop, Toronto, Ontario
October 2010
Group exhibition with the Beach-Leslieville Arts & Social Club, 1 photograph out of 9

Toronto Public Library (Leaside Branch), Toronto, Ontario
September/October 2010
Solo exhibition, 16 photographs
"The Solitary City"
Voulez-Vous Cafe, Toronto, Ontario
July 2010
Solo exhibition, 11 photographs, opening night July 10th

"Queen East Photography Summit"
Leslie Jones Restaurant, Toronto, Ontario
May 6 – June 15, 2009
Co-exhibitor with
Joel Charlebois, Frank Lemire and William Self; 3 photographs; launch night on May 20th with Jerry Leger (musician)  

This February at Red Rocket Coffee
"A Photographic Exhibition of Toronto's Red Rocket Streetcars"
Red Rocket Coffee, Toronto, Ontario
February 2009
Co-exhibitor with William Self, 4 photographs

November 13, 2011
Article: 'Transit geek' mounts streetcar exhibit

Toronto Port Authority by Michael Mitchener
Toronto Port Authority website

Six Years Later Magazine
Issue One: Consumerism

Photo Life Magazine
October/November 2010, Volume 35, Number 6
Honourable mention in "Out the Window" photo contest

The Globe and Mail
September 11-16, 2010
Our favourite reader photos of the week, "Wave Watching"

Focus: Letters: Your World, Your Images
May 2011, Promotional Video
Contributor to
Lark Books full-colour gallery book
Our Canada Magazine
June/July 2009 issue
"Big Fella" full page photograph

Canadian Residents Abroad (CRA)
Summer 2009 Edition
Photojournalist feature on Georgian Bay, Ontario

Canadian Residents Abroad (CRA)
Spring 2009 Edition
A Photojournalist's View of the Beach(es) Neighbourhood in Toronto, Ontario

Green Lane Veterinarian Hospital
Thornhill, Ontario
March 2009
Permanent installation of 8 pet portraits


Streetcar Interruptus by Michael Mitchener
BlogTO 2012 Photo of the Year Competition
Announced March 2013
Third Place 

City of Toronto Photo Contest 
January 2010
1st prize in "City Business" category
2nd prize in "City Waterfront" category
6 honourable mentions

Metro Photo Challenge
December 2009
Semi-finalist in Metro Photo Challenge
contest for "Modern Consumerism" entry


Neighbourhood Arts Network (Toronto Arts Foundation)
Beach-Leslieville Arts & Social Club
Urban Voyageur